Bugging Out to Start Bugging In

What term suits your family’s preparedness plan better? Bugging Out (high tailing it out of Dodge to a safe haven) or Bugging In (hunkering down with what you have on hand and making the best of it while fortified where you are).

What about bugging out and bugging in? What would that look like?

For us it means heading to the place we would have once used to escape to and turning it into our more permanent option. Some things we will be doing may seem far fetched, but to us it will mean when things take a drastic turn, we will barely have a speed bump.

Here are some things we will be doing as we bug out to bug in:

  • Simplifying now, voluntarily.
  • Selling off 90% of our ‘belongings’.
  • Finding more livestock.
  • Building alternative power options.
  • Readying the soil for a year round garden.
  • Practicing intentionally frugal choices.
  • Learning skills and trades vs. hiring others (when we can).
  • Drastically cutting our dependance on gasoline.
  • Many more…

We hope you’ll join our journey as we post most of it up on our YouTube Channel.

We’d love to have you join us in the journey!