Although we are not the Joneses, we’re the Millers, the old adage mentioned in the subject line came to mind as I was lamenting having not updated you lately about the recent radio shows and our preparedness journey. So, after this brief side-note about that saying, I do promise to truly update you where I have unintentionally slacked.

Important Side note:
The idiom or phrase “Keeping up with the Joneses” has the meaning of trying to strive to match one’s neighbors in spending and social standing.  In and of itself we know this may not be the wisest of approaches during these economic times, yet the phrase struck me as oddly appropriate when I began to think of the Preparedness Movement at large.

There has been a pressure, a panic, a paranoia of sorts that has held those of us who wish to be more basic and simplify into self-sustainable living to still somewhat keep up with the prepping Joneses. This is not only a paradox, but an unhealthy approach to becoming prepared.

Don’t let anyone put undo pressure upon you to prepare ‘like them’ – even us!! As we update you, we don’t want to say: “Hey, we’ve got it all together come copy us!” Yikes…by no means.  It is just our desire to encourage you – that if we can make these steps, learn these skills and show our trials and triumphs along the way – well, you may just feel like you have a comrad in arms as you move along your Preparedness Path as well.

So, no keeping up with the Joneses, or Millers or anything….

Just Prepare YOUR way, learn ALONG they way and also, know THE WAY and you’ll be fine.  (o:


Now Quick Updates:

We are back to getting more videos up on our YouTube Channel about our Preparedness Journey. We hope you’ll come join us:   Our Preparedness Video Journal –



The last three radio shows have been very good, but I don’t think I updated you on them (so so sorry).


So here they are:

OCT 6, 2012 – “Why do civilizations collapse, and what happens in the aftermath.”

OCT 13, 2012 – “Making the Permanent Move to an RV. ”

OCT 20, 2012 – “The BEST Manual Grain Mill. ” (And to prove it, we give you a $10 Savings Code just for listening!)


Okay, hopefully the next update will be a little more bite-sized than this one.  But I do hope you join us, subscribe to the YouTube Channel and allow us to encourage you (and yes please you can and DO encourage us!) along the way.

Best Blessings!