Prepare by getting hens and chickens.

  Our newest members of the Miller preparedness plan: Four Buff Orpington Chicks (hens)!

We originally wanted 3 Buff Orpingtons and 3 Black Austroloups.  But we are going to have to wait on the Black ones a few weeks.

We have had the breed of Buff Orpingtons before and find it to be a prolific brown egg layer with a great temperament and fun nature. They have thick feathers which helps them weather the winter cold better than most chickens and are a docile and person-friendly breed.

Most places in America will allow even a home in the suburbs to have a chicken, or more than one.  Roosters are usually not allowed in the suburbs due to noise.  The number of hens may be limited, but even if you just get one egg a day from one hen – you’ve saved almost $1.50 a week! Check with your local ordinances to find out if you can have a hen or several in your back yard!

Next comes the chicken coup!