johnny_automatic_boy_scout_starting_fireExactly what does the phrase “Be prepared” suggest? Obviously, at one time it was the Boy Scout Slogan (perhaps it still is, however, I’m not a Boy Scout). Additionally, exactly what is this brand-new word “prepping”? Sounds like something you hear that only medical professionals or surgeons do before a procedure.

Well, both of these inquiries result in the necessity} of clarifying precisely what preparedness or prepping in fact is. It is a less complicated to dissect the points that prepping or living a prepared way of life really consists of instead of explaining exactly what it is or is not {due to the fact that the lifestyle has a wide variety within it and looks unique for each household.

Some points that it must NOT consist of   however are: Anxiety, hording, fear or paranoia.

So with that groundwork of what it is NOT clearly stated, permit us to consider the vast range of points that prepping does feature. Below are components, not in order of top priority nor an all comprehensive list – however a fundamental checklist of points that are frequently featured} in preparedness planning:

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  • Creating a Long-Term Workable Kitchen Stock or Storage. This consists of not only food items but of skills and alternative cooking devices.
  • Knowing and practicing survival skill, alterations, abilities and techniques.
  • Ensuring a consuming and a usable water supply and knowing the difference.
  • Understanding and utilizing emergency response skills and lifesaving devices.
  • Preparing for Terrorist Attack, Pandemic or Natural Disasters and to respond with calmness to the adversity.
  • Planning for alternative Communications.
  • Working toward a more self-sustaining way of life and gaining abilities such as gardening, storing the harvest,  to eat and provide from ones very own initiatives alone.
  • Acquiring an alternative and renewable power source.
  • The right to bear arms either for game hunting or security and defense.


Look for upcoming posts that will certainly expound further upon each of these topics in greater detail. In each we will discuss exactly what is entailed in these and other areas of preparedness.