Salt Making; It’s History and Role in War

Making Salt

Making Salt is honestly an activity, or rather I should say, a skill that had never seriously occurred to me before meeting my guest, Jim Bordwine: “The Salt Maker”.  I was as excited to interview him for my own education as I was to interview him for you to hear!  

It turns out, that in the USA there is a major source of salt that is actually harvest-able with out mining. The small town of Saltville, VA has played pivotal roles in the early years of our country – much of it due to the salt and what can provide from preservation to it’s value in war.

Jim graciously shares his wealth of knowledge based on his own family history, his skill as ‘The Salt Maker’ (both in practice and historical reenactment) and little known history of the role that salt played in our American History.  You can even connect with him via email at

I hope you’ll listen and not only learn how salt can be but still is made today. You’ll pick up some great DIY tips from Jim and begin to see salt and salt making in a whole new light.  You may find yourself quite surprised how this natural commodity, that we often take for granted, turns out to be so very valuable.  As are some of the lessons from our history that revolve around it.

Listen to the Podcast Below:

Salt Making, The History and It’s Role in War