Skills of Native Peoples Help Us Survive

Native People Skills with Raven Pressley

The Skills of Native Peoples can help us survive. But how do we learn these long lost skills?  Skills that were advanced for their time but didn’t rely on electronic technology.  These were and are the skills of survival.  It would do us good to learn them, practice and experience them again.

Some folks, such as my guest, Benjamin ‘RAVEN’  Pressley spend their time practicing and teaching these lost arts.  I had the opportunity to catch up with Raven and find out about the new things he has to share in our area of the Blue Ridge & Smokey Mountains.  If you live in another area, please feel free to connect with Raven to inquire about bringing a class to your area.  Listen to the interview below:

Native Skills – Raven

A little more about my guest  “Raven”

Benjamin ‘RAVEN’  Pressley practices and teaches the skills of the past; primitive, survival and wilderness living skills practiced for generations by Native Americans and aboriginal peoples all over the world. Raven teaches all ages. He teaches independently on as needed/for hire basis and through the school he founded called EARTHTEK. He has taught and continues to teach at schools, civic organizations, Scouts, Y-Indian Guides, Royal Rangers, YMCA, museums and historical sites. He has written and self published 13 books on various primitive, survival and wilderness living skills. He is also a writer for magazines, such as:Backwoodsman, Wilderness Way and American Survival Guide. Benjamin has been a Staff Editor for Backwoodsman magazine and the Southeastern U.S. Field Editor for Wilderness Way magazine. He has played in instructional video curriculum and educational television movies depicting life in our country between 1750-1790. Raven is able to bring years of experience to your school, club, civic organization or group. He is also available for personal instruction. Raven is able to offer demonstrations, lectures, hands-on instructional classes and workshops of any length, whatever you have in mind. He is able to offer instruction and presentation of primitive, wilderness living, survival, early American (Historic, i.e. After Columbus), Native American (Historic and Prehistoric) and aboriginal skills and crafts.

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