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[one_third]Preparedness Supplies[imagebox size=”small”][/imagebox]
Millers Grain House carries flat rate boxes of whole grains, grain milling, and kitchen and off grid supplies. Most with FREE shipping. Millers Grain House also offers training & classes
[one_third]Bulk Foods[imagebox size=”small”]wholeoatgroat[/imagebox] If you are in the Western North Carolina area – we also run an every-other month Bulk Food Cycle to help you stock up on your Food Storage

[/one_third] [one_third last=”last”] PREPARE Magazine[imagebox size=”small”][/imagebox]
Preparation is a journey.  PREPARE Magazine is a new resource for those who are interested in living that journey to it’s fullest. The mission is to Encourage, Empower, and Enrich as you embark on the Preparation Journey.

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[one_third] Your Preparation Station Videos[imagebox size=”small”]Film-03[/imagebox] Come join us on our own journey of becoming more self-sufficient and less system-dependent.  Visit our Video Archives and don’t forget – we have several pages.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel too if you’d like.

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[raw] [testimonial]
[tentry image=”http://www.millersgrainhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/image.png” name=”B. Hilfiker” company=”Very Happy Customer”]Donna Miller, is a breath of fresh air in teaching Bread Classes!!! It is a back to basic, down home, hands on, questions/answers, enjoyable atmosphere..along with being tutored by a lady who is like a wonderful Mom or Grandma in showing you how.  Only difference,.. Donna doesn’t look like Mom/Grandma! It is wonderful to enjoy a little of what our Forefathers had in the taste, health & satisfaction in making one’s own goods from whole grains ? My husband is completely sold on it !  As a customer of Millers Grain House, in every area we have been very pleased !!! Donna has been very faithful, courteous, all ways there to answer any questions, along with a video site to help you as well. This business is a blessing for us to patronize. It has our highest recommendation! Great products, business values, and wonderful public relations… (the way a business should be) . [/tentry] [tentry image=”http://www.millersgrainhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/image.png” name=”K. Ward” company= “A Great Day!”]
What an awesome day we had, learning to bake bread with Donna.  I had always produced ‘flops!’ Now, with Donna’s great teaching, I have had nothing but successes! We had a day filled with fun.

Donna is a great teacher.. [/tentry][tentry image=”http://www.millersgrainhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/image.png” name=”L. Coan” company=”Awesome and Fun!”]Donna’s classes are awesome and fun! She practices what she preaches and she really knows how to make it simple and teach someone else. Millers Grain House is where my long term storage foods come from – I love the personalized service! [/tentry][tentry image=”http://www.millersgrainhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/image.png” name=”S. Kanode” company=”Great products, great service, and great prices.!”]I have been a customer of Millers Grain House for over 2 years. We were thrilled to find a local source for high quality, bulk food. We have bought a wide variety of products from Donna and have never had a complaint. In addition to food products, I have purchased grain mills and storage buckets. Great products, great service, and great prices. I have attended 3 of Donna’s baking retreats and have learned an enormous amount as well as making some good friends. When you do business with Millers Grain House, you will become a friend, not just a customer. [/tentry]
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