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Many years ago, our family felt the need to begin Preparing. We weren’t quit sure exactly how to prepare, or what to prepare for, but we answered the call and begin our journey to preparedness.

During our time of preparation we have met many wonderful people who have also felt the need to be prepare. We have learned from them, and they have inspired us. They are now an active part of our community. We share ideas, encouragement, and fellowship as friends.

Our Newsletter has become an important part of our communication within the Preparation Community. It gives us an avenue to share. We want to invite you to join with us. Our interest is in sharing the benefits of preparedness, survival skills, tips and strategies, and recommending preparation items that will help you save money.  Join us today so we can include you with some great tips that will help you prepare.

You will get a notice when a new blog post goes on line as we share Our Preparedness Journey and when a New Episode of “Your Preparation Station” Radio Show airs!