We hope you will enter this giveaway for your chance to win this life-saving book. IT’S A DISASTER! …and what are YOU gonna do about it? (5th Edition)has been used in First Responder Training across the country!  How much better could your family be prepared than to have on hand the very same book that so many First Responders use? FB, Tweet, Pin and Blog Image for Its a Disaster Giveaway

The book doesn’t read like a fiction story nor is it challenging to ‘get through.’  In fact, it lends itself to reading in short segments of time based upon your need, area of potential disaster or concern.  Even if you are in the midst of a crisis, the way this book is laid out – it’s so simple to find what you need in mere seconds that it is a far better as an actual field guide than most other emergency manuals we’ve reviewed.

From Family Emergencies to Business Preparedness or Natural Disasters to Man-Made Mayhem, the book: IT’S A DISASTER! …and what are YOU gonna do about it? (5th Edition) really does cover the most extensive base of events we’ve ever seen in one single book.

Not only does it cover the events – it gives you the wherewithal to handle living through them right while they occur. The step-by-step bullet points are easy to spot and follow thus they help you stay on track in the midst of turmoil! It covers so many potential situations in order to help you feel ready with almost countless contingency plans.

The authors also offer this as a Community Preparedness involvement incentive that can become fundraisers for a school, church group or community planners.  This outreach is uncommon in that the desire is to get these books in the hands of more grass-roots movements rather than hit a ‘best seller list’.  This shows the true heart of the authors – to help communities and people prepare for life’s emergencies.

We praise and stand with them in this work! As the author’s state on their website, the book: IT’S A DISASTER! …and what are YOU gonna do about it? (5th Edition) truly “helps families and businesses ‘be aware, be prepared, and have a plan’ for most types of emergencies and disasters (including Terrorism).  The 266-page paperback provides quick-reference instructional bullets in 2-color format. It is not written to alarm people, rather it suggests tips on what to think about and do before, during and after specific types of scenarios, as well as how to administer basic first aid.” If you have not had the opportunity to get your hands on this valuable resource guide, we highly recommend that you do. We hope you’ll enter this Giveaway for your chance to win it and add it to your first aid kit, emergency pack or ‘go’ bag!

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