The Basics of Personal, Community & Government Preparedness with Mark Linderman

Join us as we talk about the basics of Pandemic Preparedness, Personal, Community & Government Preparedness with Mark Linderman

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My Guest today is Mark Linderman. He is the Preparedness Coordinator for a local Health Department which he has
served for over 18 years. He is also an instructor for the Fairbanks School of Public Health at Indiana University teaching public health preparedness. He also instructs courses in Natural Disasters and Crisis/Risk Communications at Crown College and Ashland University, and Graphic Design for Purdue University. Additionally, Mark is one of 50 professionals in the United States who is certified as a Public Health Communicator, and currently instructs Crisis and Emergency Risk Communications for the Centers for Disease Control, as well as Vantage Point Consulting based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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We talk about pandemics, H1N1, Anthrax, Government Involvement and much more!