Have no fear, zombies are already here.

Admittedly, if there is one thing in the Preparedness circles that really chaps my hide it’s the topic of  zombies.  Other than spouting off how many guns and how much ammo we have on hand, should have on hand or need to stash somewhere (can you say: “Just put a  David Coresh shaped target on your head?”) or the actual act of wearing tin foil hats, the topic of zombies really makes Preppers look like a group that NO ONE want’s to take seriously.

I know that the term ‘zombie’ is meant to describe the after-math effect of a degenerative pandemic disease.   The term is loosely used to tag those who may become infected and violent or act uncharacteristically odd due to the illness and thus threaten the lives of normal, every-day law abiding citizens like you and I.  But…let’s get real people, the real zombies are already here.

Each day they trade their time for dollars.  Each day they follow the masses.  Each day they consume the news that’s fed them by the mainstream media.  Each day they go through passionless, lifeless and meaningless habits and call it existing.  These are the folks that will be acting (and currently ARE acting) as if they don’t need to think of  any ‘what if’ scenarios.

If we live a prepared lifestyle, but don’t realize that we can act in manners that will help to wake up (rather than ostracize or scare) the current zombies around us -then we will have less of them when and if a cataclysmic pandemic does hit.  Let’s wake up the zombies among us now!