Tips for Prepping the Garden

Prepping your Garden - First Show“Prepping the Garden” is the first show in a series of three shows I have had the fortune of recording with my guest Scott Peterson.  Prepping the garden is also the first step for having a successful growing season.

In our neck of the woods the ‘old timers’ say not to put anything in the ground until after Mother’s Day.  Honestly, it’s for good reason too. We’ve had 4 days of frost after the ‘first day of Spring’ and I know our soil temperature is well below what will germinate.  So we’re still in the phase of prepping the garden.  Maybe you are too and this show is just what you need to tweak a few things before the seedlings go in.

Scott talks with me about Irrigation, Mulching &Timing when to put in your Transplants.  Take a listen to this short 30 minute podcast and be sure to tun in to the next one dealing with Garden Pests & Pesticides and the last one dealing with Seed Saving. 

Prepping Your Garden on Your Preparation Station

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