Bug Out Locations

Our Bug Out LocationEveryone who is new to the preparedness journey eventually encounters a variety of terms.  The term “Bug Out Location” is usually among some of the first new vocabulary words one learns upon exploring the world of Prepping.  Since there is no real dictionary description for a Bug Out Location it took a little bit of looking to see what others would define this term to mean.


Below is a generality of what someone may refer to as a Bug Out Location:

[wpgfxm_contentbox width=”80%” bg_color=”#FBC9C9″ b_color=”#0E0F0F” style=”solid” top=”1px” right=”none” bottom=”1px” left=”none” radius=”0px”]A retreat or of refuge for someone in the survivalist subculture or movement.  They  are locations intended to be self-sufficient, easily defended, and are generally located in lightly populated rural areas.  They can be deemed for long-term change of life scenarios or short term escape from urban chaos with intent to return. [/wpgfxm_contentbox]

Often there is a pressure on many people to have a Bug Out Location.  They are told that if they don’t have one that is fully self-sufficient and fortified to fight off marauders, then they will never survive any pending doom.  However, an alternate location to which to Bug Out to is not always vital.

[wpgfxm_bullets bullet=”green-arrow”]

  • If one can have a neighborhood or area prepared enough to bind together and ward off any unwanted infiltrators while protecting each other, just bug in.
  • If  one already lives rural enough that the population is sparse where we are, then fortifies the rural surroundings and rural neighbors and just bug in.
  • If a family lacks the funds to secure an alternate location, do not give up on preparing and assume all is lost because there is no Bug Out Location.  Learn what to do and deal with how you will bug in.


Having a Bug Out Location is not paramount to most preparedness plans.  Having a Bug Out Bag or Bug Out Plan is…. but no location (property owned, stocked and available ) is required.  So don’t let the lack of that stop you from preparing!