Planning or Practicing for Survival?

Most people don’t even give survival a second thought. To many people the the thought of survival means having air conditioning and satellite TV. But what actually is real survival and what techniques are needed or what skills and planning are involved if one were to have to survive, say without shelter or a stocked grocery store?

Potentially the list of survival skills could be endless. However, there is a hierarchy to deciding what is most important. The top priority category for me would be to find what is right for your surrounding and your climate.

If you are above a certain elevation only certain crops can be grown and are specific to your area. Growing or finding food and seeking shelter are different for this location than a coastal low land. If you live where animals were once the predominant inhibitors of an area and you suddenly have to survive outdoors, it would be prudent to learn how to coexist. Knowing how to deal with the local coyote or black bear or keep them away from what food you have is paramount.

No matter what skills or techniques one may study, until they are practiced, there is no way to be sure that any of the planning has paid off. Planning is one thing and it is smart. But practicing is the proving ground. Practice some survival skills to see what loop-holes there may be so you can truly survive if necessary in an emergency