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Within the Preparedness movement, there are varying degrees of Operational Security (OPSEC).  There are two things we must always keep in mind about Preparedness Operational Security:  Differing definitions and Respect.

Preparedness OPSEC can be defined  mostly by two very differing views.   It is my belief that the two are not in opposition but rather work in tandem, provided respect is also considered.  The two types of OPSEC for preppers fall into the categories of  spreading the word or laying low.

One OPSEC view is to share the message, skills, encouragement and enthusiasm for preparing to all who have ears, eyes and the mind/heart to receive it.   To rally the troupes to work together and build toward a foreseeable solution.  The other OPSEC view is to quietly and solely prepare in secret to avoid prying eyes and the local snitch from pointing out prepping to those who view it as a ‘traitorous’ act.  Preparedness OPSEC can be managed either way and both approaches can be used simultaneously.  My opinion is that a healthy combination of both approaches will make for the best OPSEC approach.  Encouraging and sharing verbally with others what you do can create a more prepared (thus less panicked) community.  Being selective on exactly what ALL you share (location, amount of food, etc) can keep you protected.

The second thing to keep in the forefront of our minds when it comes to Preparedness Operational Security is the value of Respect.  Respect the rights of the privacy of others in your preparedness relationships.  Never blab about someone else’s prepping, local or even lack of being prepared in an area.   Respect the rights of other preppers to share (or not share) their own journey by whatever means they feel appropriate.

In short, when it comes to Preparedness OPSEC, you ARE your brother’s keeper.

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  1. I agree with what is stated above but am very concerned with the way things are going and how some bad apples are making the authorities look more into regulating our ability to prepare from considering a person mentally incompatant because they have an exsesive amount of weapons to the most recent act of a ” survivalist” police officer that went nutts I guess to sum it up if I share information and experience in my locale do I take the chance of finger pointing from an ill informed citizen and possible jeopardize what I am working towards or is it better to keep my mouth and opinions to my self and not risk anything but a possible quieter future for myself and fam when or if survival becomes a necessity.

    • Greetings Noah!
      Thank you for your comment and thought provoking question!

      My gut reaction is that a balance of both outspokenness and playing cards close to the chest is the wisest approach. What do I mean by that?

      In areas such as helping others learn skills (which cannot be taken from us) and the inspiration to do for themselves (with guidance and wisdom gleaned from others) is a good thing to be outspoken about. Sharing ‘think about doing this or that’ or ‘let me teach or help you with this area” can be just as vital as actual tangible stock when it comes to others around us being more peaceful in chaos…(which helps us all).

      In areas of just how much food one has, where they live, how many guns/ammo they have – I’d say Mum’s the Word! Especially on the guns aspect. Sure, get them. Learn to use them. But shut up about them. All that does is put a ‘David-Coresh-target’ on your head/house.

      Learning the balance between what TO say and what NOT TO SAY is something the prepping community needs to develop much more clearly.

      Blessings and enJOY the journey!

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