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Within the publication you’ll find encouragement to walk the preparedness journey, skills to equip you along the way and insight to enrich your life as you prepare for the future.  PREPARE Magazine will help people from all walks of life.  Whether you live in the suburbs and urban areas or in rural, there will be something for you as the complimentary year progresses. Whether you are new and  feel overwhelmed or uncertain of where to begin or if you consider yourself a veteran of preparedness living, PREPARE Magazine will give you that booster shot of encouragement to keep you on the right path.

What you won’t find in PREPARE Magazine are: conspiracy theories, zombies or scare tactics to cause you to react irrationally.

What you will find in PREPARE Magazine are:  urban and suburban ideas for preparedness, rural ideas for preparedness,  preparedness community happenings so you can connect, skill building tips and articles to inspire you in your journey.

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