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What is a Life Cube? Emergency Unit, Bug Out Home and More…

Have you heard of these before?  Ok, I’ll admit to feeling like a little kid when I watch the videos on their site of how easy these things ‘inflate’…I won’t lie.  They look fun!  But they may remind you of a ‘bouncy house’ for play – but they are far from just for fun! The Life Cube has a myriad of applications from large scale disaster to simplified camping.  

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I had the opportunity to interview Nick Pederson form Life Cube to get the scoop on this revolutionary building.  You can listen to our interview by clicking this link below: 

Interview with Nick Pedersen from Life Cube

Besides the primary use of providing emergency shelter,some of the other potential uses of the Life Cube are: 

  1. Field medical
  2. Communications center
  3. Virus/disease containment
  4. Recreational

Nick and I also discussed, that how it appears that so many Americans are unwilling to adequately prepare for disaster/emergency situations until it is too late. According to Nick, one of the things that contributes to this apathy are that most Americans think nothing bad can/will happen to them (American Exceptionalism). One major thing we tend to forget in America is that Mother nature does not play favorites. 

At Life Cube, they’ve  tried to make note of the fact that for every $1 spent in disaster prep, people will have to spend $4 in disaster relief. You would think that savings that high paired with the fact that preparation saves lives would be enough incentive to prepare but apparently not.  

On their website,, it’s mentioned that emergency shelters are stuck in the 20th century and that the 21st century needs a 21st century solution. So we discussed what makes the Life Cube so much more advanced than other shelter systems currently in the market.  Some of the unique things that Life Cube offers: 

  1. Mobility both on and offsite
  2. Self-sustainable power
  3. Rapid deployment (these things ‘blow up’ in minutes and can be set up by one or two people!)
  4. Like previously mentioned, it can be equipped for a number of uses depending on what the user needs
  5. Currently, no other shelter system combines all of the aforementioned features and most don’t have any of them at all!

Of course Preppers and  Outdoorsmen/women have shown interest in the Life Cube, but also certain government officials and organizations have expressed interest as well, and for good reasons mentioned above.

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You’ll have to listen to the show above to hear how the idea of Life Cube came from napkin to prototype.  It’s a rather global humanitarian effort in addition to the practicality for recreation and preparedness. One of the most ingenious things about the Life Cube is its versatility.  We hope you will connect with them and see it for yourself.  I look forward to what Life Cube can do for the masses in a disaster situation and for the individual who just wants the added security of self-sustaining shelter in an instant. 



A little more about my guest, Nick:

Nick Pedersen is the Business Development Manager for Life Cube, Inc. A former student of UC Santa Barbara’s Entrepreneurship School, he partnered with Michael Conner, President of Life Cube, to explore the feasibility of Michael’s technology. After winning the New Venture Competition, he joined the company full-time to acquire the early stage investments that allowed the company to build the first set of prototypes, expose the product to government agencies around the country, and expand the core team. Alongside this amazing team in Santa Barbara, California, Nick works every day to spread the vital message of preparedness.

Here are some great ways to connect with the folks at Life Cube


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