Preparation: Prepare Without Fear

You have a great difference that rearranging that subject line above would make. It would read: “To get fear at bay, get prepared.” However, that is not how I feel the true prepared lifestyle really works. In real fact we humans haven’t chosen wisely when reacting to fear. Chaos, emergencies, and emotional instability often force us into feeling that it is necessary to make decisions immediately and many times on only partial information and worse, on little if no faith.

Fear is usually a motivator; however it will also be a jailer or even a manipulative tool utilized by others. Landing a grasp in how your ‘fear buttons’ are pushed is vital to know how you’re going to make choices and set up plans of action during the days ahead. As everyday life is changing, economics are changing and much of society has and shall continue to change, fear has topped the charts of what is on the minds and hearts of many people.

Yes, it truly is even very prevalent in the preparedness community that some people have discovered that “fear” is a useful tool. Lots of businesses that lack experience (not talking years here but investment of trials, some time and guts) or they have the wrong attitude to help are jumping into ‘survival’ mode in more ways than one and grasping at your fear to make a sale. These people in these companies will tend to use fear to be a manipulative tool to get individuals (who are now seeing the need for preparation) to do something. You’ll spot the red-flags if you read how they set off the fearful alarms within your own head and heart with their promotions and newsletters. Although there are plenty of things with this life for us to be worried over, if more than 2/3 of an advertisement or email newsletter is attempting to aggravate the fear in you and stir it up or whip you into a frenzy …. Well, you may wish to think for a long time before purchasing what they’re selling. Indeed, think of doing the same business with another company or person who will not prey upon the fears of other people. You get the same product – but more peace.

Fear can become a jailer. All people have familiarity with the shortcoming to shift forward due to fear. Often in the preparation lifestyle we run in to a greater number of people who are aware that “something” is occurring,  however they would rather not give it some thought and ‘look weird’ by acting upon it.  They could rationalize the act of doing-nothing-different when compared to being ridiculed for not following the status-quos just for the purpose of faking out their own fear. The unfortunate outcome of this choice has yet to become visible, yet if we will play out several scenarios and hypothesize the end result is not really a pleasing one for those that prefer to be jailed and stuck with their fear.

As a thoughtful motivator, fear fights a more useful aspect in our lives. While on this earth we will be unable escape impending doom of every form or being afraid of something. We may all possibly panic or have our buttons pushed by other people who are definitely more fear-mongering than helping. What we can do is put it into the proper perspective and take actions that could be prayerfully and personally esteemed as the top course for your family unit and loved ones.

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hasn’t provided us with a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”

This verse exactly mirrors the opening statement. The benefits to rid ourselves of fear can free us to do so much more in love of others. So now the useful character traits we’ve had bestowed upon us may appear, on our own accord and on the prompting of His Spirit. Not manipulated by others using fear, and not just stagnated by fear itself…but through power and self-discipline we can move forward in peace.