What’s your Label? Homesteaders or Hippie

Through-out this journey of learning to be more self-sustaining, responsible for what we own and frugal we have been labeled many things.  Some  of them have been more favorable labels than others.  Some, which were intended as insults I now embrace with a smile.

Although given the twenty five years along this journey, I doubt I could recall them all, but I do have my favorites. Of all the labels we’ve hat tagged on us the ones of  Hippie and Homesteader (as well as Gypsy, Prepper and Alarmist) are among some of my favorite labels – that did not start out as compliments.

When we started this journey so long ago – much of what we thought of ourselves as were ‘homesteaders.’  We soon found that in the semi-suburban area in which we lived, this was somewhat of a snide label given to those who did not quite fit the normal suburbia status-quot.   We had a garden and chickens  and I taught myself how to can foods and cook from scratch.  We often went without electricity for fun and used our home-made candles.  We were pretty weird for being a block from one of the busiest streets connecting two highways – but we soon embraced the homesteader label and have worn it with delight ever since.

I always identified with the generation that was actually before my own and it wasn’t long until we were labeled ‘hippies.’  To which I will testify – because while blogging I am listening to a play list loaded with Credence Clear-water Revival, John Denver and Cat Stevens.  One day, our oldest daughter was asked if she were a hippie by a family member, due to the style of the purse she was carrying.  She hadn’t heard that term before so she asked for a definition.  The explanation she got was that a ‘hippie was someone who rebels against the establishment.’   To which she replied…”If the establishment is wrong,  yep – I  guess I am!”  In agreement, if that is indeed the definition – I too am a ‘hippie’ minus the special herbs and illicit activities.   The fact remains that much of the ‘establishment’ acts as if they do not have to answer to THE Higher Authority.  I will buck the establishment to answer with Peace to His Authority any day.

To avoid this post getting too long – I’ll share more on the other labels in a subsequent post.  To all insults intended – let me quickly say a hearty Thank You!  Embracing the unique ability to different than the typical sheeple is one thing that has empowered this journey for so long!  Bless those of you who insult others – for they are spurring on much needed change!