Are you Always Ready?

Seriously are you always ready? For anything? For everything? Completely?

I think in a real world scenario, this is more of a percentage question than a yes or no question.

We are often faced with a sense of  ‘never quite done’ when living the preparedness lifestyle.  I mean if this were 200 years ago, we would likely BE more ready and ALWAYS be more accustomed to adapting because the dependance upon conveniences and comforts, systems and set-ups would be far less than it is today.  That would make each household far more independently ready for what may come their way.  Are you always ready?

Admittedly, I am not.

Although more ‘ready’ than most for some things that may affect our way of life, I cannot say that I have reached a pinnacle of perfection and thus could claim to be ‘always ready’.  In my humble opinion anyone who IS at that point is just asking for it.  Once the arrogance sets in, so does complacency and the desire for others to test you.  This is a trap I don’t want to fall into.  So feeling always slightly LESS ready can help keep us on our toes!

We have to look at areas in which we would like to Always be Ready and build them each up to 100 percent, then we can feel more accomplished and perhaps focus on other ares that may lack, such as skill building or networking for survival.  Those area areas in which you cannot just purchase an item, shelve it and await pending changes or doom.

Areas in which you may want to take stock and give a percentage mark to include, but are not limited to:

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I may be well prepared and feel always ready in some areas, but given even this incomplete list, I know I am not always totally ready.  It is a journey; a work in progress; an adventure.  I actually hope I never think I am, always ready.

Blessings and enJOY the journey!