Prepping beyond the tangible.

Are you storing food, sundries,  necessities and other things for an uncertain future?  This is one of the main focuses in the Prepping (Preparedness) culture today.  GET STUFF.

While being prepared with a ‘good stock’ of whatever is both prudent and a wise investment given the economic climate, I believe there are many areas of prepping or preparedness that are widely overlooked by folks who choose this lifestyle.  Either because they are new or because they are panicked there is a great focus on the tangible prepping.  Often the thought of prepping stops there with a well stocked bunker or pantry and toiletries out the ears.

In the days ahead, we are going to explore some of the non-tangible things to prepare.  Things that rust and moth do not decay.  Things that no one can come in and steal.  Things that require practice, diligence and guts not credit, debit or cash.