Doomsday Prepper vs. Everyday Preparedness

As an Internet Radio Talk Show Hostess, I have many opportunities to talk with folks who have great things to share with the Preparedness Community.  It is my desire to choose guests who have something to teach, or something to encourage listeners on to more preparation efforts.  It is however inevitable, that ‘prepping’ seems to fall into only one perceived categories by main stream media and many preppers themselves.

The question often comes up:  “What are you Prepping for?”

When I first heard this question, it threw me for loop.  Never one to be at a loss for words, I simply shared what was on my heart. “We are prepping for life.  Also to be a safe haven for those that God lays upon our heart.”  For some reason, this did not fit the typical answers heard in the prepper realm of conversation.  It appears I was supposed to list catastrophic event of some form or an actualization of a conspiracy theory come to life.  To prepare for THOSE things never had occurred to us.  Sure we are aware of the probability of any one of the theories becoming reality, to to prep FOR them seemed almost like shooting at the wrong mark.

We also have been asked to fill out the forms to be on the National Geographic Series “Doomsday Preppers”.  I have interviewed the Executive Co-Producer of the show, he was very candid and very informative.  Most people understand that the show is meant to be Edu-tainment with the value or educational points only found by those searching for the value within it.  Television is made for ratings, and we don’t fit the Doomsday Prepper profile.  To follow our family around in our daily life or see how we are rebuilding our food storage (after we already lived out of it for a year), grow, can, preserve, etc… would cause most viewers to snore.

Our Preparedness Journey has taught us that a cataclysmic event is not the mark to shoot for when preparing, because often  folks will take a hit that is far more personal well be for the social fall out of society or an EMP hits us. We are not preparing for Doomsday…we prepare for every day.  We have used our preparedness stock and continue to rebuild it and grow our own skill set.

We took this path of simplistic preparedness over 25 years ago and it has been an everyday growing and learning experience.  If  nothing ever happens on the global or national scale to force people to live like we have, we’re still going to be happy that we prepared for life  every- single – day.