It seems like we’ve been on the journey of Preparedness for a lot longer than it’s been ‘popular’ (Is it actually popular or just a new niche/fad? Hmmm)…but the truth of it all is that this journey is just that – a journey, an adventure –  not a prize to be won or a finished accomplishment to be achieved.

Years ago when we started looking at how we hoped to develop this more self-sustaining lifestyle, we had no idea of the myriad of areas of life it would touch.  We found aspects of life that preparedness affects and is affected by that are far beyond food storage or living off grid.

A new chapter has opened for us as we continue our preparedness adventure.  It’s now an adventure even more than just a journey for us. We have an empty nest now and have moved to a home much smaller and simpler (it was originally a bug out location) and are adjusting to a prepared life in a new environment.  What worked in one living space, doesn’t work in this new one. Amenities are at a minimal and peace and quiet are in abundance.

Join me for a visit as I ‘bring you up to speed’ this episode of my regular Saturday  radio show: Your Preparation Station